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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

3 months and growing!

Remember this cutie with the one floppy ear?

Meet the new and improved Hendrix: 2 perfectly pointed ears!
He's growing up, 3 months old on Wednesday to be exact. He's a huge sweetie, no one can resist him. My mom and dad kept him this past weekend while we were out of town and I do believe they fell in love with our little guy. They had all these stories about the cute things he would do and how he reacted to everything that happened. Mom was feeling bad Sunday morning, so Hendrix napped with her on the couch after church, such a good grand-puppy. We picked him up on Sunday evening and Dad was up and ready for him again at 8 a.m. on Monday morning when the puppy was back again to be babysat while I was at work.

Even more to add to the growing-up/learning list: he now goes down the stairs. He could already climb almost any stairs and goes down most, but the stairs in our apartment scared him for some reason. Maybe because there were so many? He would stand at the top of the steps and cry for us to bring him down them, but not anymore. Tired of depending on us, he got brave enough to come down last Friday. So independent! He's never looked back since and goes downstairs without hesitation. A pic of him being a big boy:

We're so proud ;)

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