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Monday, October 20, 2008

In a Nutshell

Tired, very tired, but happy. Not much to write about since we've just been laying around, (which has been fabulous), and catching up on our lack of energy.

I'm back at Pikeville Medical Center for my 4th rotation... only 4 more to go after this.

My family, (mom, dad, sis, BIL), all returned last week safe and sound from their 2 week trip to the mid-west. Suprisingly enough, they were almost more wowed by many of the other national parks they visited than the main event of the trip - the Grand Canyon. A pleasant surprise. We spent most of Saturday looking at the million pics my mom took and catching clips of the 5 hours of video tape they recorded. We finished the night with the new Indiana Jones movie... the older ones are much better.

Hendrix was 5 lbs 5 oz at the vet on Friday. He got his last booster shot, thank the Lord we won't be going through that anymore. Going to the vet was fine, time consuming, but fine. It was the next 48 hours that sucked while he was moody, non-cuddly, and yelped, rather screeched if you tried to touch him - he got very sore from the shots.

On a nice note, the little one is 96% potty trained. That is, he either goes outside or goes to the puppy pad. I say 96% because every now and then, he puts only his front paws on the pad and his aim just barely misses the edge. At least he gets the point.

I just brought home some bells tonight from Karen and will be tying them around the front door knob. We'll teach him to ring them to go out and hopefully get rid of most the potty pads. I'm thinking he'll catch on fast judging by the other things we've taught him, but let's not jinx ourselves...

And Nick? Well, Nick is Nick. Should I tell you his weight as well? Or maybe put a percentage on his aim? I better not get myself in trouble. I've been trying to get him to pen a post, maybe if I did bad-mouth him a bit, he's be forced to post and defend himself... somehow I don't think that's the point of the whole blog documenting our new beginning, but sometimes I get lost trying to get to the point. A great example of me being my mother's child, even more so, both grandmothers' granddaughter. All of us ladies are a bit windy when it comes to shooting the breeze. So back to the point.... what were talking about again?

Sunday was 3 big old months being married. What a milestone ;) Truly, it seems so much has happened, many lessons learned so far, many many many lessons to still learn. I think we may be growing up.

Naaawww, probably not.

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