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Monday, October 06, 2008

Wimsatt-Davis Wedding Weekend

Congratulations Jamie and Adam!

Married October 4th, 2008

Owensboro, KY

The happy couple at the rehearsal dinner on Friday night. The next 3 married couples consist of Georgetown baseball players and Georgetown Sigma Kappa sorority sisters. The chemistry of the couplings should be studied; there are more out there too!

Dustin and Suzanne.

How sweet is this candle with their wedding invitation inside?

Saturday morning, getting suited up to be the most handsome groomsman ever. The tux shop's signature is to accessorize every tux with suspenders... they didn't end up wearing them but I think kinda grew on me =)

The best man, Daniel, and he girlfriend, Emma.

Daniel always has to break out his "C-walk" on the dance floor... crazy white boy.

Nick and I completely engulfed Nancy in this pic. SORRY Nans! (OH YEAH, more useless trivia: Nancy and her hubby are ALSO another baseball/Sigma coupling.)
The BEAUTIFUL couple. I wish I had gotten more photos of them...
All the Georgetown baseball alumni at the wedding.
Afterwards, the bridal party and dates were hanging around waiting for the limos to come back for us and we decided to help the family with some of the things that needed to be packed up. Can you tell just how much help all of us actually were...Chase and Dustin. Also college baseball teammates of Nick's. It was probably one of the wackiest team of characters to play the game. Case in point:
We were attempting to pick up the classrooms where the bridesmaids and groomsmen got dressed and hung out. Too much goofing off was going on and someone stole my camera and took pictures of me shaming them into working with a cardboard children's craft cross. What Would Jesus Do? He would CLEAN UP.
Jeff (groomsmen, policeman and OF COURSE a former teammate) and Kristen, his girlfriend.
Settling down finally. (Can you spot Emma and Suzanne pretending to throw/catch the bouquet?)
Dustin again with his flowers. You might wonder about his orientation after the picture with Chase and the calla lily and then this one again... but that's his wife's arm beside him encouraging his love of flowers =)

More chaos ensued afterwards when we ALL stayed at the same hotel. There was no hope for those poor people who just wanted to sleep that night. Good fun with good friends, who could ask for more?

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