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Monday, November 17, 2008

Happy Birthday, Papa Smirf!

Can you guess who's birthday it is?!
Betcha only need one guess...
Yeap, it's my dad's!

I know he wouldn't care, but I'm respectful enough to not post his age on the blog just in case. (Only that he was born in 1952... is that around the time that the last dinosaur went extinct??? hehehe) This man has truly been the best dad a girl could ask for in life.

If Mom said no, you went to ask Dad (and vice versa). He didn't cook much of anything except spaghetti, which only happened to be my very favorite growing up and made him a superb chef in my book. A Godly man, an elder in the church and next to never shows any sign of anger. My sister and I always knew that if Mom was away and Dad was in charge of the discipline, there wasn't a snowball's chance in Africa that we would EVER get a spanking.

He passed on great genes of height to my sister and I, which the good Lord only knows we wouldn't have got from my mother's side! (My nose was also quite the pass-down from good old Dad and the rest of the Dye family tree.) He's been our constant chauffeur, shopping bag carrier at the mall, car starter in cold weather, the cleanest person in the house, and never ever ever have I once ever heard him burp outloud, curse, or leave the toilet seat up!

He has always been there for us. Sitting in the stands as I sat the bench in 6th grade basketball, turned cartwheels in the softball outfield during the game, ballet and tap recitals, gymnastic practice, cheering, and even an always present fan for the dance team in high school (which he had previously crossed his fingers I wouldn't join and dance at half-time in those (gasp!) midriff baring uniforms).

I love you, Dad! We all love you AND hope that you've had a wonderful 56 (oops!) years and a great birthday in 2008! Celebration to come this weekend!

P.S. Thank you for dancing with me at my wedding. I know it was the first time I've ever seen you dance in public (or private), but it is now ranking in my top 5 best moments of my life. You're so wonderful!

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