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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

We're Baaaaaa-aaaaack....

Well, we're back.

We flew in yesterday afternoon and got back to the apartment last night.

Today, we were back to the grind, (or at least Nick was... I don't start my new rotation in Hazard till tomorrow). Back to getting up early, (again, just Nick.) Back to earning a living, (always ONLY the Nickster). And back to laundry, cleaning house, taking care of the pup, and making dinner (so at least I took care of these things... YES, even the making dinner bit.)

You want pics from the trip?? Well I'll give you pics from the trip.
(If your answer was no - then get lost, cuz here they come...)

Nick and I on the plane up there.
Why take this picture?
A tradition born from boredom. I'm sure you understand.
We were lucky enough to have Chad and Lauren pick us up from the airport and then drive us to see Nick's papaw. It was grrrreat to see him and kicked off the trip on a great note.

As you may know already, we went to a Detroit Lions game.
Did I need to post more pics from the game? Probably not.

Can't... fight... the urge... to post... as many... pictures... as I can...
I'm glad Lauren and Molly were there to keep this girl company while I stared at the "big green field" and marveled at the wonder that is an indoor stadium. I seriously did love getting to go to the game... but my "A.D.D." doesn't allow me to follow the actual game. For that matter, nor does it allow me to pay much attention in life, period.

(Really, I don't have ADD... just born to be a frequent space traveler.)
We passed Comerica Park, where the Detroit Tigers play, on the walk back to the car.
Maybe another day, Tigers.
I see a warmer, baseball field filled field trip to Michigan in our future.
(Did you get that?)
The betrothed couple =)

The scary married couple.
When you're weird enough to take your own picture (like we do all the time), you deserve to turn out looking creepy.

Awwwww, brothers.
Sisters grow up and abuse each other with only words.
Brothers are a completely different story, I've learned.

Thanks for the good times, C&L!

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