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Monday, December 29, 2008

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

I don't know if I've ever pried myself away from blogging for this long - but BOY, has it been busy around here. (Sorry, Carol Bentley, I hear you get mad at me when I don't have something new everyday! I'll work on that in 2009.)

I finally feel like we're past Christmas and returning to our normalcy of bopping along the road of life. Is it me or has Christmas been full blast since November 1st?! My mom said it before and I totally agree, this has been the best Christmas ever!

I'm going to have to spread the Christmas recap over the next few days of posts. It was a bit much to smoosh into one gigantic Dear Diary.

I'll try to stay in Chronological oder of events, starting with Christmas in Louisville with my mom's side of the family.

My Louisville grandparents just coming home from dinner to their 50 inch plasma Christmas surprise! And they thought we were sneaking in just a little ole' Wii... pleeeeease. Don't underestimate our sneakiness!
Mom and the newest precious little cousin, Alysha.

Nick and his papaw. Christmas Eve at the Roberts' household.

Future sister-in-laws

Our attempt at a Roberts family photo... this was the "black attire".

Our "Cinci Reds attire". OR, just plain red clothes.
Bob's brother Howard, on the left. He was such a good sport to happily accept recruitment as our photographer for the evening.

Hendrix LOVED his gifts - especially the wrapping paper.
In the middle of all the excitement of handing out the gifts. Don't miss Chad on the floor under the Christmas tree, or Karen's little head sticking out behind Nick.
Hendrix's new food bowl mat from Daddy Bob and KK.

More pictures scheduled to post tomorrow...... I couldn't give up all the good stuff in one day, what would you have to look forward to tomorrow?! And believe me, you don't want me to write about my day today... woke up, made it to the couch, only got up to clean up the broken glass from the bowl the dog knocked off the t.v. tray and to consume all food products made of sugar left in our kitchen. I'm definately taking the furball walking at the park in just a bit, it's a gorgeous day and he's been just as lazy as his momma. I'm not really even sure we'll be able to pry ourselves off of this couch, but we'll try.

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