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Thursday, December 18, 2008


I'll get some pics and a few words about the trip up by the end of the day. I tried many a time yesterday to upload the pictures, but my computer just wasn't having it. Nick got them to upload onto his last night, so I'll have to work on it from there.

Went to sleep about midnight (here, at my parents' house) and was back up this morning around 4:40 am to take my mom to the hospital and be her "babysitter" as she called it. Not to worry, it was just a routine procedure and she's doing well. She's trying to sleep right now but my fuzzy puppy is being very alert and playful and not letting anyone get any rest. I planned on staying with her longer, but I believe she would be better off if I just take the pup and myself on home. Not to mention if he would settle down, I could make up for some lost sleep. It's going to be a loooooong day.

I still have to make it to Wal-mart today (DOUBLE YUCK) and do some baking in preparation for the holidays and a bit of gift wrapping.


Maybe I'll slip a little benadryl into a puppy treat so we can both get some sleep.

Just kidding.


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