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Thursday, December 11, 2008

O Christmas Tree(s)!

Today was supposed to be the last day of my 5th rotation (only 3 more to go) but due to issues with snow and ice... my last day has been postponed until next Friday - nuts. But all is well, and turns out today was a nice day to be home, as I may be starting to come down with something. Nothing too bad, but I'm crossing my fingers that if it can't get better by tomorrow, it at least doesn't get any worse.

We're (the hubs, Mom, Dad, Sister and her hubs) leaving for several days to go to the Biltmore to take the Christmas candlelight tour and just see the beautiful sights of Asheville, NC. Later we'll venture on to Gatlinburg, TN for a day of shopping and ice-skating.

Nick and I are the only ones who have never been to the Biltmore
... the rest of the family has visited before, but during the summer months, and I hear the Christmas decor is quite a treat - though I will miss out on seeing their gorgeous hundreds of acres arboretum in full bloom. And get this - I am the only one who hasn't ever been ice-skating! I'm thinking it will be somewhat comical for all 6 of us to do so. Maybe I can get some video clips of it all.

Our Canon Rebel came in the mail the other day - an early Christmas gift from my parents. Nick and I have been falling in love with the gorgeous focus and photos it produces. He's played around with it much more than I have; there's a bazillion settings and different lenses to use and I really need to read the instructions manual. Hopefully I can get some more practice this upcoming weekend on our little vacation.

The upcoming pictures are from a day I spent with my sweet mom-in-law, Karen. We went on the "Christmas Parade of Homes" in our area. Apparently there's something like this in a lot of towns, though I've never heard of or been to one. It was so awesome - especially for someone like me who always wonders what people's houses look like on the inside and have a need for ideas for our future home. Enjoy the pictures and narrations.

Did I mention that Lauren's mom is a fabulous interior designer and that her home was definitely the most gorgeous home on the tour of 6?! Take this invasion of privacy for instance: no Christmas decorations, but check out L's celebrity style bedroom!

I know - just a bathroom, but I loved the sink in this historic mansion turned bed and breakfast.

I think reading this interior designer's blog and her love of fixtures and faucets
has really rubbed off on me...
Me walking up into the coolest little tower in the mansion - why don't people build super cool houses like this anymore? I want a tower!

Silly girls.

I love this flocked faux tree!

This one's definitely for my mom, a huge collector of Longaberger Baskets.

This lady, (who had 21 Christmas trees in her house), used her L. baskets to decorate the tree.
To each her own.

Yay for the UK tree!

Check out the plaque on one of the doors in this home. They had the privilege (or not) of hosting the former president while he was in town stomping for Hilary this past year.

And I couldn't resist adding of few cutie-pa-tootie pics of the baby and our modest apartment tree which was looking pretty decent till this little tour of homes...
My bar has been raised.

WOW, that was a lot of pictures - imagine how many more
will be in the next post after the next few days.
See you on Tuesday!

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