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Monday, December 01, 2008

T-giving Recap

The holiday made me lazier than ever and I've kind of gotten in a blogging rut.
So while I'm still getting back to the real world post-Thanksgiving malaise and over-eating, here's a quick re-cap of the festivities with pics.

Nick and I had two Thanksgivings in Pikeville. Sadly, I forgot to get the camera out at his parents' (bad daughter-in-law!) but we had awesome food, company, and a great game of Jinga. We missed you, Chad and Lauren! Though I know Chad did a great job cooking his first T-giving by himself and tackling a 20 POUND TURKEY for them and their friends who also couldn't travel home for the holiday. Can't wait to see you at Christmas!

Later that evening, our second round of stuffing our faces began at my aunt and uncle's house.

Cousin Sarah (fellow pharmacy student/victim) and me.

Cousin Taryn and wittle Hendrix.

The newest Roberts clan.

Bro-in-law David and Hendrix's cousins who have DOUBLED in size!

(They're only 3 months old people!!... Hendrix is 5 months.)

Sister with Aspen.

Some of the family checking out the pups in the outdoor room.

(YES, that is Hannah Montana to the left of Dad.

How sweet of her to attend our Thanksgiving dinner!)

Hendrix now naps on the tree skirt,

making for many very sweet Christmas photos!

It won't be long till these puppies will no longer fit in their daddy's lap!

Kaiya the reindeer.

Shortly after this picture was taken, Dave put the antlers on Aspen for his picture and Kaiya ripped them off and broke them.

Sibling rivalry.

This is exactly how Hendrix looks beside me right now, except his eyes are now closed and he's making me consider an 8:00 bedtime as well.

Hopefully I'll climb out of my blogging rut soon and get back to typing miles of mindless jibber jabber.

Until then, enjoy the Christmas music!

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