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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Bittersweet Symphony

The thought of moving on and out of our oh-so-tiny apartment has been nothing but a thrill, until now. Between packing up and realizing how little time we have left to live in such a close proximity to our families, the emotions have been taking over.

This apartment has been first our home together, the home of many beautiful memories. The first place we merged our accumulated belongings to create a place that was ours. We brought home our precious pup to this place and watched him grow. While I can't wait to stop paying rent and to actually own a place where all of our belongings can live together... not spread out over two counties, my parents' house, his parents' house, and of course, the jam-packed storage building... the change, like most every other big phase in our lives that comes to an end, can be described as nothing less than bittersweet. It's been a lovely journey so far and this apartment and the wonderful area and the people we have had the pleasure to share it with have had quite the starring role.

It also doesn't help that spring is moving in and reinventing these hills that have seemed so dreary throughout the winter into a fresh new shade of gorgeous. I liked the idea of moving a lot better when everything wasn't looking quite this lovely!

I got out to take a few pictures to remember our first home by and to capture the fleeting first signs of spring.

I love weeping willows, which you really don't run into that often around here, and this magnificent fellow will be greatly missed by little ole' me. He's just beginning his light green growths and will be restored back to his usual giant sized, sleepy, summer self before you know it.

And I would be remiss if I didn't segue this spring post into one of spring fashion. I was over on Kelly's blog yesterday where she was rounding up the best places to spend your limited recession dollars. Have ya'll heard of Sam Moon? I hadn't and I can't believe the steals they have! I'm trying really hard to narrow down my shopping cart over there right now. Let's hope that Nick isn't catching up with the blog before I complete my order ;)

All for $4.95
$9.95 for the set!

$7.95 - And this is one of the most expensive bracelets on the site.
I really adore turquoise these days.

A $13.95 chunky belt?
Get outta town!

$6.50 for the necklace and matching earrings!

They're not the type to last forever, but they are the kind to last just long enough to outlive the trends. Plus, with the way I keep up with jewelry, it doesn't hurt to spend as little as possible on something that may or may not still be found in my jewelry box by next year.

Didn't see anything you like here? Check out the site, there's a ton more of every type of necklace, bracelet, earrings, ring, handbags, belts, luggage.... PHEW.
Obviously, I spent a little too much time browsing, but it got me seriously excited and I would just feel guilty if I didn't share ;)
Tootles Poodles!


  1. You have an assignment and notebook to complete. Quit shopping, quit blogging, and quit eating junk food and get to work. I could not resist being able to be your mother on the internet. You can't even argue back. Love, Mom

  2. Love the jewelry! I'm gonna wait until Chad's not around and buy, buy, buy! Love you!


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