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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Talkin' to my peeps, yo

Long time, no write! But I'm home today, so things are about to change, even if it's just for the day. Bear with me, because this post is random, odd, and sprinkled with lots of pictures that fit both of those adjectives well.

I "get" to be home in order to put together a presentation on prescription drug trafficking {fun} for this rotation, as well as put together my professional portfolio to turn in at school next Friday... my little portfolio is many months delinquent in being updated, so should I even get around to starting on it, it most likely won't get finished today.

But how could I not get lots and lots of things done when I started the morning with the breakfast of champions...

I'm not even sure where this Mountain Dew came from, I mean, it was in my fridge, but I never buy the stuff and I never drink it. Ya know, except for today. I felt the need for caffeine and I wasn't in the mood for coffee. Especially since we ran out of milk last night and I definitely don't take my coffee black. And check out those pretty pink Peeps. I imagine each little bunny, shakin' in their boots, worrying if they're the next to be devoured. That's why I politely speak to them for a bit before biting off their little head. {Mountain Dew can make you do some craazzzy stuff, man.}

The shortage of milk also helps explain my terrible early morning choices... breakfast, for me, has always been cereal, and cereal was a no-go without the milk. Did I also mention that the Easter candy at K-mart is located directly in front of the pharmacy? I can't help myself. Since the marshmallow Peeps didn't hold me over for long, I had to dig into the chocolate covered marshmallow egg...

The cupboards are pretty bare around here. We're going to have to make a grocery run after church tonight. I know what you're thinking... I'm home, why couldn't I go it alone? In the past, I've always made sure to tell Nick ahead of time that I'll be going grocery shopping soon and to be thinking of anything he'd like and to make a note or tell me to add it to the list if he thought of anything. There's usually no response from him. Later, after I've spent my time picking up every last item in the grocery store that I think he might like, I'll hear him in the kitchen mumbling how there's nothing here that he wants to eat, then mentioning that he's going to go get some Taco Bell. I've learned my lesson and unfortunately for him, he's coming along on the grocery shopping trips now a days.

And now, for my lunch of champions:

Did I mention we spent most of this past weekend packing up the apartment? Not only are our cupboards bare, but we are living in shambles. Though I can look at this picture and see an organized mess. I'm sure you just see mess. I know why which boxes are where they are and just happy that the mess is mostly concentrated in what use to be our dining area. Can you tell there's a kitchen table under all this?

No kitchen table to eat our marshmallow peeps and drink mountain dew around? No worries! A few days ago, I ate my lunch at the new make-shift kitchen table, formerly known as the ironing board.

I'm sure Rachael would be extremely disappointed in my food choices as well as eating atop of the ironing board. I'm hoping I'll get a chance to do some quality reading of this mag a little later tonight. Maybe she'll have some tips on what to do for breakfast.

I started packing on Saturday morning while Nick was grilling out with his friends and watching the UK game which if he was at home he wouldn't even watch because he's not a UK fan... but whatever, no one's the least bit bitter here.

So anyway, when he got home later that evening, he was very appreciative of what I had got done and disappeared upstairs to begin packing up the office, I assumed, only because it's composed of mostly his things. It has to be said that I actually understand that the game was more about hanging out with friends he hardly sees and that I am already extremely appreciative that he will be moving lots of heavy furniture in the future without me, but it's much more fun to be bitter.

Imagine my surprise when he came downstairs with a box of my things from the bathroom.

When questioned, he says 'but you never use any of this stuff'.

Because he's around at every step of my day and makes a careful checklist of which item I just used and which item never sees the light of day.


Now this box sits in the hallway outside of the bathroom, since I didn't want to unpack it, but I still need access to all of this stuff I never use.

A little direction helped him back into the office where he can pack up anything his little heart wants to put in a box. I pointed out the fact that all of the books on the shelves are pretty easy to pack up, as well as the beautiful display of baseball hats hanging on the wall. The books are in boxes. The hats... well, I guess we still wanted to be able to look at those for these last couple of weeks.

I thought it was amusing to see the books that got left out in case we might need them....

Pharmacotherapy. A must read.

The Complete Do-it-yourself Manual. It's a definite possibility in the next few weeks that we might need to dive into this one for some quick advice. {This one's actually serious!}

Speaking of bathroom stuff... I loooooove this new thickeningspray I found at Wal-mart. If anyone else in this world has fine, limp, yucky hair like me, you gotta try this stuff! {Though it seems everyone around me has lots of thick, gorgeous hair... I know I can't be the only one in this predicament.}

My hair is good for only a short amount of time directly after washing and blow-drying and usually looks almost dirty by the end of the day. I envy those whose thick hair doesn't have to be washed and dried everyday of their ever-lovin' life. But with this stuff, I'm just a tiny bit closer to the hair I envy.

I formerly used this stuff and loved it equally as much, if not more, but haven't found any salon that sells it around here.
Finally, since this post is all over the place, here's a few of our darling munchkin, always ready and willing to play. The first pic is of him and his "new" old toy. Only "new" because he recently found it in the couch cushions and probably doesn't realize he's been there, chewed that. He's captured well here... he loves to bring a toy up to you, push it against your leg until you grab the other end and start a game of tug-o-war. If you choose to ignore him, he'll add a bit of playful growling until he's acknowledged.

Please notice what a fantastic bouncy ball catcher our little tyke is growing to be. Doggie Olympics, here we come.

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