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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

1st Birthday

Happy Birthday, little Hendrix!

How is it possible you're already a year old? It seems like it was only yesterday that I was searching PetFinder and begging your daddy to let me bring you home. You've grown so much, in cuteness and cleverness. You've learned so much, continue to impress us everyday, and have shown us great love we never knew possible for a dog. You are our first fur-child. Our funny little guy.

Thanks for all the love, cuddles, and kisses. You made our first year of marriage more fun than we thought possible. We hope you have a great 1st birthday!

{No matter what others may say, you are only one year old today. Not seven. Do not believe them. I will keep you as my baby as long as possible. I'm not worried about you really buying into the dog years though, I'm pretty sure you don't think you're a dog!}

Lots of love,
Momma and Daddy

P.S. Our boy is a designer mix, half poodle, half pomeranian. They're called pomapoos and are actually bred for big money, yet we found him at a shelter on If you're looking for ANY KIND of pet, any type of breed, check there first. I'd love to help put the puppy-mills out of business =)


  1. So cute!!
    I have a pom, I treat him like a baby as well (and he really is 7)!

  2. Happy Birthday Hendrix! Happy birthday to my first grandpuppy. But remember to tell Mommy that Aunt Melissa has 2. remember that grandpa bought you a new bed to use at our house for your birthday. Mom

  3. Awww Happy Bday lil man!!!

    what an awesome name!!

  4. He's so cute! We got our dog from petfinder also. Love it!

  5. Sooooo cute. Loved your blog. Glad I ran across it today.

    fighting like a girl


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