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Monday, June 08, 2009

Two by two

This past Saturday, Nick and I were honored to attend a gorgeous outdoor wedding in Frankfort, Kentucky. The wedding was held at the bride's parents' house on a pristine piece of luscious green country side. Daniel and Emma were married right on the front steps of the house I hope to own whenever her parents feel like moving out...

Our evening was filled with beauty, music, dancing, scrumptious food, a bunch of old retired baseball players {Nick played college baseball with the groom at Georgetown}, lots of friends we hardly ever get to see, and of course, a disgusting display of everlasting love.

At the end of the night, and all the next day, I was Exhausted. {Yeap, that is Exhausted, with a capital "E".} My dancing bones, smiling muscles, and vocal chords were flat broke busted... In short, we had a blast! At the end, Daniel and Emma drove off into the sunset to live happily ever after. I'm just lovin' seeing all our friends pairing off Noah's ark style. =)


  1. Awe looks like so much fun! I miss Frankfort! I used to work downtown :(

  2. Her dress is absolutely gorgeous!

  3. Oh, I loved the wedding on the front porch! Not to mention, her beautiful dress. Your dress was super cute too. Looks like you had a great time!


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