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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Answers!! Part I

Holy haircut, batman!

FYI - This
is the picture in the dictionary next to the new word funnyuglycute.

The H-man got shaved by the nice people at Petsmart Friday night.

They really did do a great job and it's soooo not their fault he came out looking half rat/half dog.

It's his irresponsible parents' fault for not brushing him consistently and letting him end up with lots and lots of knotted rat nest hair that had to be shaved down to the skin to get rid of the mess and start anew.

We're really going to try and not let this happen again. Fingers crossed and good intentions intact for now.
Nick and I went "home" to Eastern Kentucky this weekend so we could attend his brother Chad and fiance, Lauren's couples wedding shower on Saturday night. What fun! I am floored and extremely excited for their wedding this weekend. I'm working straight through the next few days so I can be off and start the weekend off right on Thursday night with L's bachelorette party in Cincinnati.

Girls just wanna have fun.

So bear with me, some more, while I have absolutely no time to blog to the best of my ability. It is all for very good reason and really... I'm not apologizing for my absence - a girl's gotta live! ;) Just think of the many many pictures that are to come from such a longmand blessed weekend.

I should be getting a couple pics up from the shower in the next couple of days as well!
NOW - Onto the ANSWERS!!!

Hendrix's haircut leads well into my first question from a sweet, must been sent from God, kind of girl who sent an email and asked: I just love your hair cut. I love the length and side-swept bangs. Is there anything in particular you tell your hairstylist when they cut you hair?

I took a moment to pause after reading this, partly to laugh, partly in awe that someone would write this and then a moment to thank God for his angels who email.

I sent her a response on email and it pretty much boiled down to this: I rarely get my hair cut. It is, most always, a disappointment.

I scan every magazine in the house, google celebrities, and stalk friends on facebook for the perfect 'do. I'll find a picture, bring it to the appointment, then show the beautician so I don't have to explain something I can never explain.

Then, usually, the response is something like this: "Oh honey, yours could never turn out like that, your hair is just too fine..."

e, thanks. Why do I even try?

So, I quit. I got my hair trimmed this past May. It was only to get the frazzled ends. Nothing was shaped, no layers, nothing.

And then yesterday morning, after paying to have my dog's hair cut the night before, I trimmed it myself. I've always cut my bangs myself and am in the process of growing them out. But trimming the entire length was very new to me.

A blurry picture of my current condition:

I find it weird taking blurry self portraits in the mirror with my phone. Could I be any more awkward?

We got lots of questions about mine and Nick's relationship. I've even been asked to do a guest post on another blog with all questions about US! It's still too crazy that even one person would be interested in our story - but I LOVE to share =)

So that's all the time we have for today, folks ... sheesh, one questioned answered.

But I've got to get on the road tonight and check into my hotel for work at 8am tomorrow morning.

Momma, was a rollin' stone...

If you want a few juicy tid-bits before I get to the questions about our engagement, check out this post, written back when almost NO ONE was reading besides our sweet moms =)

Be back soon!



  1. I sweet puppy always looks kind of awkward and like a rat for the first couple weeks after a haircut. They are so dang expensive that it is worth it, and then she gets cute again!!

  2. Your puppy is just so stinkin' cute -- even all shaved!!

  3. Your puppy is just so darn cute, even shaved like that!! :)

  4. aww poor hendrix! :) he's still so cute though!
    and I am super impressed with your haircut... will you trim mine?? :) your hair always looks perfect!

  5. You cut your own bangs? Ok, I'm impressed!

  6. Our vet calls those little tangles "tattle balls" because they tattle on mom and dad for not brushing her!

  7. aww - thanks for answering my question in e-mail and blog post form! You are such a sweet girl and I hope you have many more great hair days! Enjoy your weekend. :)


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