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Sunday, August 23, 2009

I love my Brittney =)

Finally, on Saturday evening, my friend Brittney and I got our act together, set a date and time and had ourselves a big ol'visit!

This isn't just any friend, y'all. This is THE friend that lived with me for 4 YEARS in undergrad. We moved 4 times, to 3 different schools. Crazy, I know. We have an amazing amount of memories together of the wackiest years of my life. I love taking our walks down memory lane together and realizing just how mild our lives are these days ;)

Brittney, having a silly moment as a gorgeous bridesmaid on our wedding day.

You also know she's gotta be crazy after putting up with me for that long. Nick and I have been together for only 4 1/2 years. Brit and I like to remind him that we have been together for almost 8 years!!

The visit had several purposes, such as for Britney to meet our precious fur-child:

And more importantly, for us to finally meet her man I've heard so much about:

We had a blast catching up over pizza and pool.

{We tried to play rock band on wii but it was NOT cooperating. The boys were making fun of us for doing crappy and I was INSISTING that something was wrong. They didn't believe us until one of them finally tried and then consented that the calibration WAS actually off. So YEAH! And what's y'all's excuse for that terrible game of pool?! ;) }

Our friend Adam also stopped over for some fun.

Tomorrow morning I've got a 3 hour drive to work somewhere far, far away from home. I'll be spending tomorrow night in a hotel and hopefully, since they'll be nothing else to do before bed, I'll start formulating my answers to your wonderful questions!

Until then...


  1. isn't it so fun to catch up with girlfriends!!? its never enough time though :)

  2. Oldest friends are the greatest!

  3. What a fun time with old friends! :) I love those catch up visits... absolute perfection. :)

  4. Those kind of girlfriends are the very bestest!


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