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Thursday, September 17, 2009

A beautiful bride and a baby story

Maybe not a real baby story, but I am finally going to answer the questions y'all asked about the possibility of our little family expanding in the future.

Even more exciting... finally, some pictures of the gorgeous BRIDE and GROOM!!

Plus, Nick tells me I probably shouldn't mention work or how much I work or how much I'm on the road or living in a hotel lately, cause that's boring and apparently I've mentioned it enough on here that he says that may be boring others...

I didn't even know he read the blog that often??

I also told him that I write about our my life and if my life is all work and little play, well heck - that's all I have to write about.

But I'll go ahead and NOT tell you about how little I'm home which explains why the blog gets neglected. I guess you'll just have to figure out why I'm absent so much some other way.

Now, what you really came here to see:

The moment Lauren and her father walked down the art museum's spiral staircase to her groom was BREATHTAKING. Again.. I can't wait to see their photographer's images of the moment over this amateur stuff.

Could these two have looked any more beautiful??

Talk about babies - I can't wait to see the handsome little bundles of joy these two lovebirds will bring into this world one day!

{It wasn't our "R" on the wall, but we did take advantage for the picture!}

I can't believe they've already been married almost 2 weeks.
Time flies, people.

Lastly, I'll leave you with a few vague answers to your questions about little blue eyed boys and brown eyed girls in our future.

First of all, we do talk about children. But they are just a dream for now. We haven't been very good about naming a day and time that we will be ready for such an undertaking.

I expect we will be all grown-up around 2020, so by all means, hold your breath! =)

As for making such plans, counting days of the month, taking temperatures every morning, or scheduling "extra curricular activities" - those have never appealed to me. If IT could just happen without us getting totally and utterly wrapped up in the process, we would be pleasantly and appreciatively surprised. We are well aware that the Big Guy has his own plans anyway and letting mother nature take it's course is truly more of our style.

Should we hit a bump in the road or find ourselves reproductively challenged, we will, by all means, dive head first into taking action.

{After all, I personally, as well as my sister, would not be here without modern science and I am very grateful to my parents for going out of their way to get us here!}

Until then, we're just chillin'.

As for a number of ankle biters, I think our discussions settle mostly around the number of 3. We'll see how that all pans out.

Adoption also sprinkles our conversations often. I believe whole heartedly that it is a journey that we will also be taking on.

Vague enough for you?
After all, who wouldn't want a future baby-daddy like ^this^ one??


  1. So cute and sweet... I enjoy reading your blog!


  2. I love the place where the wedding was held! How special to walk down the stairs to make your entrance.
    You were a beautiful bridesmaid!

  3. the bride was gorgeous!!
    so many great pictures! :)
    ya'll are beautiful!!
    thanks for enlightening us on the future baby ;)

  4. What a gorgeous wedding!

    Also, the hubby and I have talked about adopting as well...but that's someday, not now! I think you know when you're ready and when you're definitely NOT!

  5. Okay, your little soap box on babies was too cute!! Loving your plan... it's so much better to "let it happen" than to count it out like a drill sargeant. I have many friends that tried it that way and then when they finally let nature take its course, BABY! No doubt you'll have some beautiful babies one day!! xoxo

  6. What a gorgeous bride and wedding! Her dress is stunning!

  7. As always, you look gorgeous!!!

    And seriously, that is the most remarkable and admirable approach to mommyhood I have seen amongst my friends. Awesome!

  8. Tales of work are SO not boring!!!! Please tell more! Why are you in a hotel so often????

  9. Well then, just don't let your eggs get tooooo old....don't work against those great genes you two have going for ya!! (And don't let your momma get too old to enjoy them!) Your Food City plas asked about you the other day. I told them you were a Superstar! (I'm into starting rumors like Michael Scott!)


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