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Tuesday, December 01, 2009

If only

there were a few extra hours left in the day. I MIGHT just get all the things done that I lay in bed thinking about and kicking myself for still not getting to yet. My to-do list is about a million miles long and to beat it all - I really REALLY really want to get it all done by next Saturday when a few friends are coming over.

But guess what - most likely it won't all get done and the house won't be perfect and that's just alright with me. Or at least I keep telling myself that.

And just so you know, I always have the best intentions to blog as well - then SOMEONE has to do his homework or SOMEONE takes the laptop to school all day and SOMEONE ELSE doesn't have the patience to open up the two older laptops that take way too long to load and would eat up lots of time on her precious day off. If you miss my presence in blogworld, I think you know the SOMEONE to blame. If you've been glad to have a break from me, I think you know who's hand you can shake for that ;)

We had a very lovely Thanksgiving with family on both sides, the in-laws and the out-laws.

We snapped a few in the backyard with Nick's family but got too caught up later at my parents' and forgot to take a single pic! woops.

I've been planning a "My Favorite Things" post for a while with Christmas coming up and all - plus, I think my favorite things will be MUCH more affordable for us all then Oprah's list.

So don't spend another dime till then! {Yeah, right.} I even have a great savings recommendation for online shopping, which you might have seen on the sidebar to the right just recently.
Until then, bear with me. The holidays have already been swallowing me up, or at least the part of me that's left after my job spits me out. Give me some time - I'll come back around ♥

P.S. I cannot wait to share some really really exciting news with you in a couple of weeks. It may involve a super cool car... how it's been built to my specifications right now... and how it will be mine in JUST A COUPLE OF WEEKS!!!!!!!!!!!! It can't get here soon enough, I see the commercials for it and JUST MELT to think it will be mine soon =)

Bye bye, Camry!


  1. Order me a car too! Try not to stress!

  2. we forgot to take thanksgiving pictures too lol

  3. Can't wait to see the new car! How exciting.

    I also did not take one single picture over Thanksgiving. I could not believe myself!

  4. Oh, and thanks for the ebates, I added it to my homepages!

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  9. you have a cute blog
    i just follow you

    love your banner too cute

  10. What is this car you're talking about?! I have the slightest idea... I feel it may be the same car I lucked into finding at a dealership back in August and I didn't have to order mine and wait 3 months (I'm terribly impatient)

    Do tell please!


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