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Monday, January 25, 2010

a 30th birthday - covered in POOH

WARNING: Picture Overload!
We celebrated my sister’s 30th birthday this past Saturday.
It was a party that would make ANY 30 year old proud, with a Winnie the Pooh theme smothering anything that would stand still.
That’s super cool… right?


My sister, Melissa’s, high school senior portrait, from a million years ago… ha!




My sister with a picture of my mom in her younger days.
They look nothing alike – perhaps she was adopted?


Sister with her Pooh pin that said “Happy ME day!”


Sure, her cake was cute – but do you know how GOOD it was?

Good enough for me to eat 3 pieces in 4 hours.

and 1 more piece on Sunday before we left to head back home.

Oh the shame!

{Thanks for baking it, Samantha!}


Wanna hear something else shameful?
That very special guest that showed up for the cake cutting…
it was none other than Winnie the Pooh herself himself!


I don’t have any photos from when I first walked out and Melissa first saw me – but we BOTH laughed so hard we cried!

LITERALLY, we could not breathe – I thought we would both collapse together in the middle of the dining room floor.

I could just see all of the other guests scrambling to help us as we passed out, attempting CPR and successfully bringing the old woman back to life while Pooh would pass on after the pillow in her his tummy would prevent any chest compressions from getting through.

Thankfully, this scenario did not play out =)


with our momma:


with our poppa:


As you can see below, Christopher Robin was not use to such affection from Pooh.

Thus the confused look when Pooh kissed him for the first time.


Later, Pooh blamed the whole thing on drinking too much honey flavored moonshine. They both agreed to put it behind them and forget about the incident.



Cake slice #1 of 4 for me {plus ice cream}:


I was smothering in the costume – our little cousin Taryn couldn’t wait to try it on!


Of course, the party was scheduled during the UK game, which conveniently allowed an escape for all of the men who attended.


Awwwwwwwwww… isn’t she cute?
Little Melissa was so excited about her Malamute stuffed puppet from her husband.


So excited she had to be told to look closer.
She soon saw something else to be a little more excited about…
How about a carat diamond in each ear?
Sure beats some silly stuffed animal!

David knows that diamonds {not a stuffed dog} are girl’s best friend.
Good job, bub!

I just had to take this picture.
Sorry Arkansas. UK’s #1!


Now Pooh needs to go walk the dog and hopefully burn off some of that huge tummy!
OH – and today is Melissa’s actual 30th birthday.




  1. What a cute idea! I love it!
    That dog is just adorable

  2. You are such a trooper. I mean, Pooh-per. No, that doesn't worker!!! Hahahahhaa. By far the most gorgeous Pooh I have ever seen...BTW - what's up with the Pook theme? Nickname? She just likes Pooh??? Anywho - I love that picture with your sis and momma. You look like your daddy! (Like me.) I just loved this are a rock star for your sis!

  3. I am not responsible in any way for calories consumed. Did you prefer the white or chocolate?? It looks like a super dorky fun time!! You guys did a great job, especially David!

  4. Such a cute party!
    You looked adorable in your Pooh outfit :)


    OMG. MELISSA LOOKS IDENTICAL TO YOUR MOTHER! and you...well... you look poohtiful.

  6. That is too cute! I'm sure your sister really appreciated everything. We surprised my cousin with a Spongebob party when she turned 30, but you take the cake (literally) by dressing up. What a sweet sister!

  7. How cute are you dressed as Pooh! So funny!!

    I love the earrings in the stuffed animal! I may have to hint hint to the hubs on that one.

  8. That Pooh outfit is hysterical! Looks like you all had a great time!

  9. What a good sister you are, wearing that costume!! :)

  10. Love you sis for the costume, the decorating, and the Spa day gift. Couldn't ask for a sister to do more than to dress up in a big yellow costume, pillow stuffing and all! Love ya!!!!!

    From: The 30 year old lover of all things Pooh!

  11. That costume is too funny! The things we do for our sisters, huh? ;)

  12. Looked like a fun party! I love cake too :)

  13. What a fun party!! Love the Pooh outfit! :)

  14. I did it without your permission and I hop you don't block me or something....hahaha!!!! I guess I shouldn't be laughing....anyway. I am just a fan, not a stalker.

  15. Oh my gosh, a Pooh party is such a fun idea :) I loooove the costume!!

  16. What an adorable idea for a grown-up birthday party! I love it!

    I also wanted to say thanks for putting my blessings unlimited button on your sidebar! I really appreciate it! :)

  17. wow....:) so nice ideas , thank you so much for sharing such a nice ideas. i will definitely follow your ideas in ma 30th Birthday Party Decorations UK.


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