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Thursday, July 08, 2010

it’s never too late to be patriotic ;)

Inspired by the fourth and a quote I found by MLK Jr… I got to work on a little painting that – yes, is great for “this time of year” but – I’ll be keeping up all year long.
{Just as soon as I find the right place for it!}


I took a few progression pictures {with my phone again – sorry!}
Thought I’d share my hot and sweaty painting process out in the stifling garage.
You’ll see why I had to hang out in the garage for this one in a just a sec..

the steps:
1: I had to google the American flag just to make sure I got the stripes correct!
2: I measured and marked with a pencil so I could distance the 13 stripes proportionally.
3: To begin, I ‘hurridly’ threw the correct amount of stripes on with red and white paint. I had to do this quickly so that the stripes wouldn’t completely dry and I could get the “dripping” effect I wanted by spraying the semi-wet acrylic paint with a water bottle.
{It’s just starting to get messy up in here.}
4. Paint the “blue part” – is there a technical term for this I don’t know about?
I made sure to make it messy =)
5. Sling white paint via paint brush - I also flicked the wet paint brush with my fingers to sling more paint - create “stars”.
I love this part, I may make a night sky painting with just this technique. You can’t tell here, but the white paint I used for the stars had a shimmery quality. Perfect for stars.
6. Use the same paint flinging technique to throw lots of bright color on the stripes.
I considered these my fireworks =)
This is the part where it got real messy.
When I finished, there was paint all over the garage, paint all of over my hands, ruined my manicure, and managed to get only purple paint streaks in my hair – just before company came over for the fourth. I was festive looking to say the least.
7: Adding the quote: “If a man hasn’t discovered something that he will die for, he isn’t fit to live.” – MLK Jr
This struck a cord with me and I just had to include it.
 8: I added a little red and blue to the white letters to help them stand out a bit more. This really is more legible in person than in pictures, but I was going for the graffiti look, so it couldn’t exactly be perfect.
Un-perfect mission: a success
I have an idea of where it can go in the basement {which deserves an update post of its own – I’m loving all the change we’ve made down there!} but still thinking of what kind of frame I might make for it.
Now how to incorporate fireworks in a frame???
Finishing up our “late” patriotic post up with a couple photos of the red, white, and blue on our deck this year.

I’m always proud to be an American – year round!

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  1. Nice job on the sign! How very creative you are!!

  2. That's a beautiful painting!! You are really creative, I could never think something like that up!

  3. Very creative. I love how you did that. Great job!

  4. I love, love, love, love your painting!!

    Love your little mention of the giveaway too - I always hate spreading the word and lowing my chances of winning too. :)

  5. That sign is fabulous and I really love the way your backyard turned out!

  6. Very nicely done, you are so creative!

  7. The picture is sooo cute!! So creative and the phrase written across it just adds to it!!

  8. Stephanie- that is SO good. I am impressed with your artistic abilities! I think that it would look great just hanging as a stand alone canvas- no frame. I think a frame may take away from it!

  9. Oh my gosh, this is gorgeous!!!

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