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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Houston’s Birth Story Part 3


Are you caught up yet?

Houston’s Birth Story Part 1


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This is most definitely the final installment of the story…

As I said before, our stay in the hospital was such a sweet one – I never expected to enjoy my time in there so much! We were lucky to have a nice full sized, comfortable bed and Nick was able to stay with me both nights, right by my side for our first few early morning feedings.

At night, Houston stayed in the nursery and they brought him to us each time he needed to feed. I HIGHLY recommend this for catching up on some much needed rest! As a new mother, every little sound they make alarms you and keeps you from sleeping a wink (which is every time they breathe), I say take advantage of that nursery while you can ;) My baby boy was brought to me each time he needed to feed through out the night – do not be “afraid” they will sneak a bottle in and sabotage your breastfeeding efforts. The nurses were SOSOSO good to me. We were extremely lucky!


My GREAT friend, Ginny, was waiting on my floor in the maternity wing as soon as Houston and I were rolled down from labor and delivery with a smile and a sweet care package. This girl thinks of everything!

IMG_7901 - Copy


I love the look he was giving his aunt Ginny in the picture :)



First bath♥



My other fantastic friend, Britney, visited soon after he was born. Kennedy was being a hoot and Houston’s little buddy Wyatt was still baking in the oven in this pic…

IMG_7932 - Copy





My friend Ashley and her mom stopped by. We loved all of our visitors so much!



Our new family of 3♥



First 3 am feeding



So happy with my itty bitty guy.



Uncle Chad who began spoiling him rotten from the very beginning:








Going home!

{I can’t get over how tiny he is in that carseat – his feet would dangle far past the end of it now.}





My friend Britney and her mom came by to decorate and Uncle Chad helped too!

This is how everyone should get to come home from the hospital.

We are so blessed with loving family and friends♥




First meeting of our babies



Glad that glider could fit both of my babies…



Truly blessed beyond belief with these 2 boys♥





The first night home and the next day following…. that’s truly when cloud 9 came crashing down and “Welcome to Parenthood!” felt like it got tattooed to every inch of our bodies. It was comical… now, that is. And now that we’re able to laugh about it, it’s time I get to writing about it.

Though it’s definitely something we might rather forget ;)

I can truly say since he’s been with us, there has never been a night as terrible as the very FIRST and I think that’s quite a statement!


More on that soon,




  1. Awww I remember all those sweet moments when my son was born!! YOU ARE BEYOND BLESSED!!

  2. i love this stephanie!! your birth stories are hilarious and inspiring all in one! -your gggggglittle.

  3. People always say you forget the birth experience, but someday when it happens to me I have a feeling I won't forget all of the experience.

  4. Where did you get his coming home outfit?

  5. Such a sweet birth story, Stephanie! And do not feel bad about how painful your earlier labor was! It depends on your body, and on the baby's position. Back labor is totally dependent on the baby's position, and there is nothing that you can do about it. My labor with Kendra was much worse earlier on than with Bailey. I felt like my hips were going to break apart into two pieces with Kendra, and I had to be wheeled down from triage to labor & delivery. With Bailey I walked (all by myself) and I was more dilated at that point. You just can't compare. :) You did a great job, and I hear you about that first night home! It is always the worst!

  6. how sweet! i'm sure you are so glad that here is here now!
    my husband and i don't have kids yet, but it's still fun reading birth stories!
    honestly, it makes me a little nervous but i know it will be worth it once we start having kids!
    and as a side note, can you tell ginny that she has awesome hair? haha!

    have a great weekend!


  7. I hear you on the first night being the worst. That first night home, my household slept a whopping 1 hour 45 minutes all night. It was awful. Thank God my son is the best little sleeper now...he sleeps 12 hours a night and has done that since he was 3 months old. I too put Carter in the nursery while I was in the hospital and I would suggest that to anyone! I had a very rough delivery and even told the nurses to bottlefeed during the night while I slept because I knew I wasn't going to get much sleep once we went home.

  8. Great birth story! Houston is adorable. And I recognize Ms Ginny from PLL's blog. ;-)

  9. Great story, he is so so cute !! And how thoughtful of your friend to bring a care package, I definitely need to do that when my friends start to have babies ! I can't wait to hear what happened on the first night!


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